Ship out samples

Has your order been confirmed?
Then it’s time to prepare and send us your samples to the Seed Phenotyping Center

It’s simple, hovever the proper sample preparation ensures fast errorless processing.

Sample cleaning

Make sure the samples do not contain impurities from the flower wrappers. It may not be just a macroscopic part, very often we encounter small microscopic fragments of dust particles. These can greatly contribute to the very difficult and lengthy process of sparse seed analysis. Small particles clog the mechanics, while large ones help pull the sample back into the tubes. So how to prepare the sample correctly? 

To remove large particles

  • Sift theseeds through a sieve. Flower residues can significantly prolong the seed analysis process.

To remove micro-particles/dust:

  • Sterilize seeds with ethanol and provide us with a note to handle your samples under sterile conditions.
  • If the seeds cannot be steilized, use the method of sanding the seeds on the surface of the paper (repeat 2-3 times). The paper acts as a sieve, most of the microparticles adhere to the structure of the paper surface.

Sample shipping

Before sending the sample, do not forget about several things!

  • Mark the samples with the generated sample ID
  • Attach the printed order form
  • Attach control samples if required and label them accordingly
  • Check the correctness of the address for sending samples back in the user account settings

Sample identification

Based on your order, a numeric code has been generated for each sample, so each sample must be provided to avoid confusion. Is one sample used in multiple services? No matter, the automatically generated #sample ID is authoritative for us. In this case, it is necessary to make the appropriate aliquots into multiple tubes and mark them properly according to the submitted ID.

Do you use antistatic test tubes? – Then always place the sample ID only on the cap of the tube. Never label the tube from the side.

Fluorescence seeds controls

Do you want to select seeds based on the fluorescence signal? Then be sure to include the negative and positive control sample and label it properly. How many seeds do we need to preset sytem? Don’t worry, usually 5-10 seeds per sample is a sufficient number. The control sample is only used to calibrate the instrument to the proper signal intensity to be detected and will be returned to you along with the other samples.

Shipping Address

Labdeers s.r.o
Antonina Navratila 1219/13
Boskovice, 680 01


Not sure what package format to use? Don’t have 1,5ml antistatic tubes and prefer paper bags? 


The choice is yours, you just have to make sure that the seeds are dry and arrive for analysis unsprouted and will not be scattered in the package.


Are you using transport provided through the Seed Phenotyping Center? Let us know that the samples are ready for transport.

Return samples

Immediately after processing the results, you will be informed. If you do not request follow-up services, the samples will be sent back without further delay with your consent.

Samples are always marked with the order ID and QR code, which after scanning it into the database in the Seed Phenotyping Center, where you get all the detailed information about the processed sample