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Basic test - seed Counting

Precise counting of seeds from the provided sample into aliquots/duplicates. For the sample processing, we are using the statistically random selection of seeds from a stock. Discover robotic precision in seed counting, even of such tiny ones as Arabidopsis is.

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Fluorescence seeds selection

Phenotypical analysis and sorting of samples containing fluorescent selection markers in the seed-coat. Separate GFP/RFP seeds efficiently based on signal quality and signal intensity. Get together phenotypical traits and seed morphometry of your transformants in one experiment.

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Analysis of distribution profiles

Get distribution profiles of seed traits in progeny such as seed size, shape, surface shape, length and diameter. On a set of 3000 seeds in population, the partial 3D phenotypical analysis is evaluated by plant scientist in Labdeers and provided as dataset report including the raw data format for further post-processing.

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Individual seed phenotyping for single seed tests

Investigate more about the properties of individual seeds. This service ensures work with the deeply defined sample, allows for single seed phenotypical analysis followed by its placement into a 96well / 384well plates. The obtained phenotypical data includes a partial 3D image analysis and a comprehensive morphological analysis for each seed.

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Seed sortingcounting based on distribution profiling

Based on distribution profiling, it is possible to select seeds using individual phenotypical parameters or their combinations. The selected seeds can be categorized and sorted into tubes or multiwell plates for assays with homogenous and specified traits at the start of the entire experiment.

NOTE: This service is available only for samples that have been subjected to the analysis of distribution profiles.

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