Service type Price /CZK Price/EUR
Seed Counting 0,1/seed 0,004
Seed Phenotyping 0,5/seed 0,02
Flourescence analysis
(price * segregation ratio * seeds to be selected)
(Ratio 1/4 = evaluated 4 seeds to get 1 positive)
0,5/seed *ratio*amount of seeds 0,02*ratio*amount of seeds
Distribution profile/3000 seeds 1500 60
Sorting of seeds based on distribution profile 0,5* seeds total * occurrence in interval 0,02 * seeds total * occurrence in interval
Expert Data analysis / summary report 1500/hod 60/hr
Source datasets collection, analysis, visualisation in  cloud free of cost free of cost
antistatic tube 2,5/ks 0,095/pc
nozzle/seed stock 15/ks 0,6/pc
96 well plate + seal 150/ks 5,7/pc
384 well plate + seal 200/ks 7,7/pc
Other Costs
System calibration for new seed types 1500 60
System calibration for seeds larger than 1mm 100 4
Sample transport by Seed Phenotyping Centre staff upon request only for Czech Republic

       Last update: 15.8.2021