Period of granted sample testing

4. 1. 2021

Jan-Jul 2021 – phenotyping for FREE OF COST
Force your science and get seed phenotyping data including advanced seed sorting.

Experience the hitherto impossible – analyzing and sorting of seeds as small as Arabidopsis on a large scale. Join us to test new services with the latest seed sorting technology available, including the full support of a team of developers and scientists in the field of molecular genetics. We will help you to obtain valuable data for your research and publications. Help us find out what we can improve and what we can do to make the Seed Phenotyping Center not only something that speeds up and improves plant research, but also to make it feel like you’re in your own lab.

We have 5 years of experience with the development of our devices with the main focus on Arabidopsis seed phenotype, we will draw your attention to the nature of seeds which is not common and we will help you with seed morphology description and data analysis.

Thanks the Boxeed’s state-of-the-art technology and automatic seed analysis, you can boldly understand each seed, across the sillique. With our technology, we can analyze almost all seeds in a test tube (typically 1-2 seeds remain unanalyzed and unsorted).