Labdeers received grant for Seed Phenotyping establishment

14. 8. 2020

We are proud to announce to plant geneticists, breeders and Labdeers fans that we have received grant support from BRNOmycity and JIC for the implementation of the Seed Phenotyping Center project. Our project succeeded in the competition of 50 submitted projects in the call „Prototypuj a ověřuj“ and got the opportunity to be realized.

Within one year, we will set up a unique centre for seed phenotyping, where we will use our experience and know-how in the development of the latest technologies for plant research.

The key infrastructure of Seed Phenotyping Centre will be based on technological-farm of Boxeed instruments, operating under the sterile environment. Professional technical and scientific support from Labdeers device developers to genetic engineers is a matter of course.